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Tired of searching for a doctor who understands your concerns and is willing to listen? At Nature’s Way, we have jumped off this runaway train called US Healthcare, and taken things into our own hands.
Like traditional doctors, we take payments from clients directly, not their insurances, thus restructuring the patient-physician relationship with the patient as a client, not a commodity negotiated between medical practices and today’s real client – the insurance companies. Our objective is foremost primary medical care. We promise to keep you in the loop and informed about everything we recommend. And in doing so we will maximize your health without straying into the gray areas of questionable risk-benefit practices to satisfy the suits above far detached from actual patient care.
Subspecializing in medical marijuana treatment and consultations to evaluate the severe illnesses failed by traditional practices, or worse – hooked onto dangerous narcotics that lead to vicious addiction downward spirals to eventual overdosing and death! As specialists in this field, we have combed through the scientific literature, no stone left unturned. But more importantly, and what sets us apart from the rest, is that we have appraised each article and study personally, weighing their relative worth and value before coming to an overall consensus of opinion: A medical miracle – ostracized by political and social means – so therapeutic and potentially groundbreaking that Hippocrates himself would declare American policies and laws unethical and a sin to the health and liberty of us as citizens. Once again, our primary goal is general healthcare.
Few people need a miracle, but everyone deserves a good doctor. Welcome to Nature’s Way Medicine! **Please see Delaware guidelines and application requirements (http://dhss.delaware.gov/dph/hsp/medmarhome.html) prior to scheduling appointments.
Call us at (855)420-DOCS to reserve an appointment.

Nature’s Way Medicine

Nature’s Way Medicine strives to be the premiere patient-driven practice in Wilmington, Delaware, providing cost-effective care with treatments rooted in an entirely scientific medical approach. In stark contrast to the profit-centric healthcare system, Nature’s Way Medicine works closely with each patient to implement the best therapies that will truly heal their ailments.

Dr. Matt Roman achieved his Doctorate in Krakow, Poland at the Jagiellonian University, the same school at which Copernicus studied, as well as attaining neuroscience and chemistry degrees from the Franklin & Marshall college. He has practiced medicine for three years, training in Pittsburg and working as a “hospitalist”, helping patients transition from the ER back into their daily lives. While training in Poland, he learned to work based on a combination personal relationship with each patient, their history and then any exams, which greatly contrasted with the United States method of repetitive test-taking. As a natural Skeptic, he could not disprove the medical benefits of cannabis, despite its illegal status. The more Dr. Roman researched, the more he realized it served people as a legitimate medicine. In light of this discovery, Dr. Roman wanted to help as many patients as he could access this safer, effective treatment. In an effort to free patients from the imprisonment of prescription medication, he opened Nature’s Way Medicine’s doors in October of 2015.

Dr. Roman’s mission is to integrate primary care with medical cannabis therapy to help patients achieve the best possible long-term health and wellness. Improved quality of life is the main focus, as opposed to only alleviating symptoms. He works with each patient and covers symptoms with predictive questions to figure out the true problem, then seeks out the proper therapies to treat it. Dr. Roman and Nature’s Way Medicine prioritize science-based medical approaches to every case. The team strives to educate not only patients and their families about how best to medicate, but also to educate themselves, continuing their in-house and external research as more discoveries are made.

Nature’s Way Medicine strives to offer low evaluation fees so all patients can have access to the medicine they need. Discounts are available to returning patients every six months and follow-up questions by phone are more than welcome. Both walk-ins and scheduled appointments are accepted.

Service Locations:
Based in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, near Rodney’s Square, Nature’s Way Medicine proudly serves the Bellefont, Newport, Penns Grove, Newark, New Castle and Wood Mill areas, and will soon expand into the greater Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas.

Related Services:
As an integrative practice facility, Nature’s Way Medicine is proud to also offer primary care to patients and families. Dr. Roman works hard to treat any patient and alleviate any ailment that passes through his office.While they

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