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Sugar Black Rose Early Version is a multiple-cup-winning feminized cannabis strain from Delicious Seeds that has loads of personality. With a taste and flavor profile that takes users on a journey from fruity and flowery to spicy and skunky, Sugar Black Rose Early Version is highly sought after by cannabis connoisseurs. Its incredibly relaxing effects make it a good night-time choice for both recreational and medicinal users.

Sugar Black Rose Early Version Strain Info
The best example of the Domina phenotype, Sugar Black Rose Early Version is an easy-to-grow, forgiving strain. Its buds look like dark green Christmas trees, with bright orange hairs and a sticky coat of resin to finish it off. But this strain is more than its shelf appeal and big yields: its THC level of 25% delivers a deliciously soothing, nausea-eradicating full-body stone.

This feminized marijuana strain is an early version of Sugar Black Rose, which itself is a cross between Critical Mass and the 1998 Black Domina. The latter strain is particularly desirable and has helped make Sugar Black Rose Early Version arguably the best Domina phenotype. Just like Black Domina, Sugar Black Rose Early Version has a range of medicinal uses, like treating insomnia. With a THC level of 25%, Sugar Black Rose Early Version hits hard but isn’t overwhelming.

Flowering Time
Cut your flower time in half! Sugar Black Rose Early Version sits up there as one of Herbies’ fastest flowering strains. Wait for just 45 days of flowering to harvest huge yields indoors – meanwhile, the strain’s outdoor finishing time is early September.

With proper care, Sugar Black Rose Early Version provides an out-of-this-world yield compared to its compact height. You can expect to yield about 450g/m2 (1.47oz/ft2) indoors and up to 900g (31.7oz) of bud outdoors. Even in the open, your plant will stay relatively compact, making this strain a great, discreet option for a big harvest.

Sugar Black Rose Early Version is a feminized cannabis variety that hits consumers with effects that are instantaneous but long-lasting. As an indica-dominant strain (about 80% indica, 20% sativa), it leads to mild cerebral stimulation along with a very relaxing body high.

Medical Properties
Sugar Black Rose Early Version is famous for its medicinal properties. Many fans of this strain use it for relieving stress, soothing pain, and easing gastrointestinal problems like nausea.

THC and CBD Level
This strain’s sticky buds come with a super high THC level of 25%. Its high amount of THC means that this is a strain best enjoyed recreationally in the evenings or on days off, or by medicinal users looking for a strong, soothing effect.

Smell and Taste
Your taste buds are about to go on an adventure, because Sugar Black Rose Early Version’s terpene profile is extraordinary – it’s precisely what makes this strain so highly valued. The buds themselves smell very sweet and citrusy, while on first taste, users are more likely to note a grape flavor and the slightest hint of skunk. Its flavors shift again after the exhale, when you’ll be left with a pleasantly spicy and sweet aftertaste.

Grow Tips
Sugar Black Rose Early Version is a feminized cannabis strain that’s highly resistant to pests and molds and is generally easy to grow. It can be harvested after 45 days indoors, or in early September when grown outdoors.

Plants are generally small and compact when grown indoors.
Even when grown outdoors, it tends to be wider than it is tall, making it a good choice for growers who need something discreet that won’t peek over the neighbors’ fences.
Buds are quite pungent, so indoor grows need proper ventilation.
Sugar Black Rose Early Version Seeds
Every Sugar Black Rose Early Version seed for sale is feminized. But what does that mean? Instead of buying 10 seeds, out of which only a few will turn female and produce buds, all the seeds of Sugar Black Rose Early Version you buy at Herbies will germinate female with a 99% chance.



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